Thursday, May 21, 2015

Electricty uses by cause from fitting.

I was looking for some data to use a cool graphing website called RAW.  I have been collecting hourly electricty usage from the Delmarva Power website for my house.

I plugged in my model fit for the electricty use at my house into the RAW website.  The categories are listed below:

  • constant - use of electricity throughout the year not assignable to any cause.
  • due to X mas - in 2011 and 2012 ude to the Christmas lights
  • due to cooling degree days - electricity used to air condition (cool) the house
  • due to heating degree days - electricity used to heat the house (more important in 2013 with addition of more floor heating)
  • residual - error in the fit vs. the actual kWh usage. (sometimes negative)

RAW produced this plot.

JulyOctober2012AprilJulyOctober2013AprilJulyOctober2014AprilJulyOctoberconstantdue to heating degree daysresidualdue to cooling degree daysdue to X mas

I think it looks nice.  More kWh are used during the summer for cooling.  Less in the winter for a little bit of Christmas lights and a small amount of cooling until Winter 2013-2014 when the solarium floor was turned on for the first time.

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