Thursday, April 23, 2015

Learning curling

There was a session for learning curling at the Slating Club of Wilmington last night. It was fun and interesting. Throwing the stone is much harder than it looks. This is a still for a video of the first time I didn't fall down trying it.

It was surprisingly hard for me to push enough to get the stone into the house. I always felt like I was overdoing it but it didn't reach.

I felt I was a little better at sweeping, but you need to be able to do everything on a curling team. There was nice emphasis on how curling is a very polite sport, I liked that. I will admit I have aches in my push off leg and from sweeping, but I would try this again.

They are trying to see if there is interest enough in a league. You can find them on Facebook at curlwilmington.

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