Sunday, January 04, 2015

Movies watched over the holidays

Spoilers for these movies follow.

We finally got to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was a good sequel, I liked the character development for hiccup and Astrid and their friends. I liked how they had his mother start shy and unsure around people after all her dealing with only dragons for so long. I did not like having Toothless under mind control kill Hiccups father, it seemed pretty dark and a cheap way to add drama.

The first movie was about freeing Chinese workers (dragons) from their government to be free to work for whatever American corporations they want to work for (Vikings).  The second one seems to be about keeping that freedom by not being controlled by either the good Alpha or the bad Alpha but by the radical anarchist Alpha who still is OK with everyone working for the people of their choice (as long as it is Vikings).

(Continued Spoiler warnings for below)

I had heard about the movie Snowpiercer before I knew that it was based on a graphic novel.  It's name almost had me in mind of one of those unintentionally comedic action sci-fi thrillers.  I was wrong, so wrong.  This movie is dark.  The survivors of a failed experiment to stop global warming survive a newly frozen ice age Earth in a train that moves endlessly around the world.  I felt the timeline of the movie (2030's or so) is far to short for all of the mythology that seems to have accrued around the actions of the characters on the train.  There are pitched battles through the train, and a surprise ending.  At the end the whole thing crashes anyway and I was left with the thought that it was all a waste and the hero's  (or perhaps anti-hero) actions ended up effectively killing everyone anyway.  I fear I am losing my willing suspension of disbelief for some of these movies.

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