Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snapped off tree from this Monday's storm

The neighborhood across Shellpot Creek from us had a tree snap in half, break a line pole and take out electrical wires to the area on Monday night during some pretty powerful thunderstorms.  I walked up to get some pictures.

View of the tree and the snapped off pole.  The tree went completely across the street.

At least on telephone pole was snapped off at the top.

The tree looks burnt on one side.  I wasn't able to get a story from anyone as to whether the wind did this, lightening or whether contact with the wires caused it.

Power was surprisingly restored in only a few hours by 7:10pm.  The firefighter I spoke to said they needed to clear the road immediately from the tree because that was the only way into the development should there be a fire.  Seems everyone did a good job.  I do feel bad for my neighbors.

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