Friday, September 02, 2011

Autographed hot dog buns at Tony Packo's Cafe in Toldeo

Tony Packo's Cafe in Toledo is world famous for it's "Hungarian hot dogs", which are really just hot dogs with a delicious sauce on them.  They also have a tradition of having famous people autograph hot dog buns.  The buns used to be real, but now are air-brushed plastic replicas, though the autographs are authentic.  On our way back from Michigan we stumbled onto one store off of I280 in Toledo and I took some pictures.  Here is the first autographed roll:

That first roll is autographed by Rock Astley, you just got rick-"roll"ed!

Tony Packo's Cafe has a long time association with the television show M*A*S*H*, because it has been mentioned on the show several times.  Thus the first two buns are from Alan Alda (Hawkeye) and Gary Burgoff (Radar) from the show.

The rest of the buns represent a glance through the selections - there were hundreds - and my apparant love for 80's music and television shows.

Above are musicians from the 80's

Above are actors and comedians from the 80's.

One astronaut.

This is probably the only place in the world where Barbara Bush's and Michael Dukakis's buns are right next to each other,.

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