Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Dining room table is much longer than we thought.

Our 42" round dining apparently extends all the way to 92"!  We have two 10" leaves and so had only opened it that far.  We thought that's as far as it could open.

Lynn was investigating longer tables because we were thinking of purchasing one to fit ten for Christmas Eve dinner.  She saw a similar table design where the pedestal separated to let the table extend farther yet still remain stable.  That got us experimenting with our own.

Turns out that with a little careful coaxing and a rubber mallet the table extends pretty far.  It is the farthest we have extended it in the ten years we've owned it and given the lack of leaves as far as it's been extended for decades before that.

Lynn is investigating the correct wood to roughly match the leaves we have, which already don't match the table and are probably not original to the table.  We are thinking white oak.  

This discovery has let us stave off purchasing a new table for a while.  It's like we already have a new table.

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Teresa said...

Nice! you can get 'table pads' to cover the entire table once you have the new leaves. Then through a table cloth over it and you're set. Nice find! And adds new meaning to 'turning over a new leaf'. :)