Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hard drive prices from $1million/GB to pennies/GB in 30 years

The ever increasing pace of progress has made once incredibly expensive things available to the masses for pennies. No where has this been more evident than in the computing industry where each year more computing power becomes available for the same price as the year before. Computing equipment is one product in a deflationary spiral, and that's good.

One example of this decrease in price is in the price per GB of hard drive storage. Some have grabbed this data and then just picked some milestones. I think it is better represented in a graph.

Hard drive storage has gone from $1million/GB to pennies/GB in 30 years. That's seven orders of magnitude in 30 years.

I also took the data and put it into a spreadsheet which you can access at Google Docs so that you can make your own charts without copying and pasting from the original data which is not in tabular format.

(via BoingBoing, via, via the data is at this link)

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