Friday, July 23, 2010

Fascinating archeological finds left by the flooding Shellpot Creek

I finally got around to cleaning up some of the junk (archaeological finds) floated in the backyard by the rising and then receding waters of the Shellpot Creek. There was a ton of styrofoam that I wanted to get what I could of, and an assortment of other interesting things.

A sampling of the most strange things I collected is shown in the art project photo above.
  • Enough styrofoam to create my own garbage pile in the Pacific gyre. Please carefully dispose of styrofoam in the trash or recycle in the entire Shellpot Creek watershed (.pdf link) as a favor to me.
  • Plastic soda and water bottles, a scourge on the landscape if ever there was one.
  • Several sizes of containers which once carried alcohol.
  • A piece of a pool noodle
  • Foam padding for a helmet, I can only imagine when the helmet will float by.
  • And eroded sole of a flip flop of some sort.
  • A fisher price bat. I am keeping that one for Linus.
  • A light bulb
  • A scoured clean tennis ball
  • A Christmas ornament

The only reason the Christmas ball survived is that it is plastic, and in fact the side away from the sun remained blue while the exposed side faded to silver.

There was larger stuff in the creek.

The piece of siding and the bucket lids were actually down in the creek, but they were so obvious I had to go get them and throw them in the trash, before they were carried away in the next storm.

Shellpot Creek Watershed.

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