Monday, May 03, 2010

Pictures from Point to Point at Wintherthur

Point to Point, was run at Winterthur yesterday. I got this action shot of the race horse jumping over the jumps. At our jump we saw one rider fly off of his horse when it avoided the jump, while the rider didn't. He appeared to be OK. There was also one hose that completely stopped and refused to jump during one of the races. It was very hot, especially for the horses.

Before the races, I also tried to get some actions shots of the fancy carriages.

Tiny ponies pull a carriage.
More tiny ponies.

There were some larger horses. The outfits that the carriage riders had on appeared historically accurate and ridiculously hot. I doubt folks had blankest on there legs in 90 degree hit at the turn of the century. Or are they there to keep the dirt from the hoofs from flying up onto their clothes?

Large horse pull a carriage.

Tiny cute ponies pull a carriage.

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