Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snow pictures #4 - This driveway is clean!

Remember in Poltergeist when they rescue Carol Ann from the other world and at the end of it the short exorcist/medium lady says, "This house is clean"?

This driveway is clean.

Last night I cleared just enough snow to get my car out for church today. We were one of the few families there this morning.

Today I finished the rest so that both cars can get out of the driveway. Why take a picture? Because that is a lot of snow and it never took me two several hour days of shoveling to clear this driveway before.

Cleared driveway end, and no "plowed-in" portion!

Cleared walkway.

This cleared walkway goes around the house next to the creek. I stopped at the end there. I just wanted to be able to see the creek if I wanted.

Beautiful afternoon sun illuminates the snow and the Shellpot Creek.

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