Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vice President Biden and President Obama in my neighborhood

You will be well aware that the funeral services for Vice President Biden's mother Jean were at Immaculate Heart of Mary, the church I attend just up the street from my house. In fact, on nice Sundays, we would walk to church. The occasion is a sad one, but it is interesting that President Obama attended and that many of the Delaware and National political hierarchy were at my little old parish church in my neighborhood. Even former president Clinton was there, as well as many Obama aids and cabinet members, as well as Governor Markell and Governor Minner .

Still did not get to see the motorcade as I was at work. I tried to get Lynn to go and take pictures, but it was way too cold.

I snapped some screen shots of the CNN live feed from the web, just because it is fascinating to see all these famous people in the church that I will got o on Sunday. I might run up and sit in the first pew, just to say I sat where the President did.

Vice President Biden and family in the first pew.

President Obama and Mrs. Obama and Governor Markell.

You can see the crying room in the background here. I think the reporters are back there.

President Clinton attended.

It was a very nice service and the priest gave a nice homily. After the service, Vice President Biden had some heartfelt comments about his mother. A sad occasion for these people to come to Wilmington, but it sounds like Jean Biden had a long and full life, with happiness and sadness. She got to see her children and grand children grow up and become successful people and her son become Senator and Vice President. May she rest in peace.

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