Thursday, January 14, 2010

University of Delaware auctions off former Chrysler plant assets - robot arm anyone

For the discerning mad scientist: the list of items up for auction by the University of Delaware from the former Chrysler plant in Newark, Delaware. The university is holding an auction Feb 25 and can be inspected Feb 22-24. The university bought the plant after it closed, and apparently got the contents as well. The coolest items are probably the 6 axis robot arms, some still in line along assembly lines. There appears to be all kinds of milling equipment as well as other mysterious devices of unsure provenance. I am sure a machine expert would be able to make sense of all of it. The place is acres large, so I bet there are plenty of robot arms to go around.

Oh to be an independently wealthy mad scientist with a large laboratory, perhaps under an extinct volcano, for this stuff.

Anybody want a robot arms?

Assembly lines?

Some forklifts and cushman carts?

Various mysterious pieces of equipment (the bottom one is a lathe, I think)?

I need some blueprint/map drawers.

These vacuums and sweepers would make house cleaning go fast!

Any financial backers out there want to go halfsies? By halfsies I mean that you get to pay for the robot arms and I get to play with the robot arms.

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