Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ultra Final Jeopardy - an answer without a clue

Ultra Final Jeopardy is when you guess the final answer knowing only the category and not the clue. Last night the final category was "Political Nonfiction" and I immediately said "All the President's Men", because, what else could it be. Then the clue came up - This book begins "June 17, 1972, nine o'clock Saturday morning". What else could it be but a book, that book, about Watergate. I was very pleased with myself.

I have gotten some other Final Jeopardy' with only the category and no clue, Walt Whitman seems to be a favorite answer. Granted I only remember the times I do this and not the ones I don't, so there is selection bias. I certainly try to forget anytime I fail to get the final answer even with the clue.

My dream someday is to go on Jeopardy and write in my final answer in the same space as my wager, knowing only the category at that step, just to show what an (obnoxious) badass I am. But in all reality I would just play it straight, because I would want to win.


Minnesotastan said...

You can still do it - you just need to be so far ahead that the Final Jeopardy round won't matter.

Go for it.

T said...

I randomly came across your blog while searching for "guessing final jeopardy based on category". Glad to know I'm not the only person who loves this "Ultra Final Jeopardy" game!

I've gotten quite a few right, and been eerily close with others.