Sunday, August 09, 2009

Why you should have lobster for dinner

We had lobster for dinner last night because we had been seeing articles that prices for lobster had collapsed with the recession. I am more of a fan of lobster tails because all of the meat that is worth eating on a lobster is either in the tail or in the claws. If I am missing a critical location of meat in the lobster please point it out in the comments. We boiled them and they certainly had enough meat in the claws and tail to make it worthwhile and they were delicious.

They were only $5.99/lb and were about 1.5 lbs each. Because we melted butter for them, that set the tone for the side as well, corn on the cob and potatoes. It wasn't intended to be a low fat meal, it was intended to be tasty.

Even Linus wanted some.

Apparently the lobster fishery in the Gulf of Maine is one of the better sustainably harvested fisheries on the world, and the lobstermen have done such a good job that they can harvest more live lobsters than the demand. There management is good for consumers. I do hope that their business can be managed as sustainably as the harvest.

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