Thursday, August 13, 2009

When did they paint the Gap Town Clock white?

In June 2005 when I last took a picture of the Gap Town Clock, it wasn't painted white. I suppose it looks nice and perhaps that will help it to stay in good condition, but I can only imagine the town meetings to discuss it. I do wonder how historical it is.


Matt said...

From Wikipedia:

The Gap Town Clock, built in 1892, is a Lancaster County Historic Preservation Trust Site located in Gap. According to the Gap Clock Tower Association, "The clock's face, long telling the time to passing multitudes, overlooks, at the gap, William Penns' entrance into Conestoga, now Lancaster County, in 1701."[3]

Richard said...

Now I am embaressed, I should have looked it up on wikipedia myself. Now who painted it white and when.

I also like Delaware and eastern PA because you can't avoid the American history if you tried.