Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spoons attached to their injection molded frame

I can't wait to see what my spoon fighter jet model will look like when I put it together. I just have to detach all of the parts from the plastic frame first.

Someone or some machine failed to detach these spoons from the frame after the injection molding was done. Do you remember the initial thrill of getting the parts ready for the plastic models we used to build when we were little? Mine never looked like the box because I wasn't allowed paint and I wasn't patient and careful enough with the glue.

How did your models turn out?

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Richard said...

The "frame" which is holding the parts together is the hardened material left in the passage in the mold that lets the plastic flow in the injection molding process to create the part. The passage and the material left behind in it is called a sprue.