Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slugs in the garden

Last night I noticed these giant slugs climbing the pots on porch. I am not sure I am comfortable with them getting closer to my height by climbing things.

Halfway up the pot.

A picture with slime trail with my hand in there for size.

This closeup also shows the slime trail, The ridges on the pot are nine to the inch so the length of this slug is about 3.2 inches not taking into account its curved posture (I guess it is not that big).

I am sure these guys are eating my vegetables and plants. We put ground-up eggshells under the tomatoes and Brussels sprouts for calcium and because the slugs don't like crawling over sharp objects. I was going to joke and call these Giant Leopard slugs, but in fact that is what they are, Limax maximus.

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