Monday, July 27, 2009

Prius driven 10 000 by owners

I actually bought my Prius with only 1 mile on it, so hitting 10001 is both symmetrical and significant because I put the 10000 miles on it.

So far the car still drives well. I am not getting the vaunted 50mpg (more like 40mpg) that many claim for the car, probably because my commute doesn't even give the car time to warm up the gas engine and shut it off to let the electric do some work. I am getting twice the gas mileage of the last car. I also like that the car does shut off the gas engine when you are stopped at a light. That means less emissions.

I am what I would term a comfort or convenience car buyer so my favorite features of the Prius are the bluetooth connection to my cell phone and the jack for my iPod. I also like all of the controls on the computer screen in the middle of the dashboard leaving a very clean console.

Now if only the damn thing could be plugged in and charged for even more gas savings.

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