Thursday, July 09, 2009

Phillie and Michigan band together for All Star Game 2009 Final Vote

Careful readers will realize that the author of this blog is a Phillies fan but also a Detroit Tigers fan. Today is the last day of the All Star Game 2009 Final Vote and I have been exhorting both Phillies fans and Detroit Tigers fans to vote online at I have asked the Detroit fans to add Phillie Shane Victorino on the National League side to their Tiger Brandon Inge American league Vote and asking Phillie fans to add Inge when they vote for Victorino.

Right now Inge is leading the American League vote by 9 percentage points, but Victorino trails Pablo Sandoval by 2 percentage points. I suppose my and others linking of Inge and Victorino has been noticed at From the article -
"The latest voting alliance has been formed by the Tigers and Phillies organizations, two of baseball's most storied franchises. They are encouraging businesses located throughout Michigan and Pennsylvania to allow their employees time today and Thursday to vote for Inge and Victorino."
I hope it works. Brandon really deserves to be an All-Star, he has been having a great year and picking up the slack for his Detroit teammates. I also hear he is a really nice guy. Shane Victorino deserves the honor as well, for last year and this.

Please go vote for Inge and Victorino, you have until 4pm today.



Vote today!

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