Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day fireworks in Wilmington Delaware

We had to watch the Wilmington, Delaware fireworks from Porter reservoir this year because, as we tried to drive into Wilmington, they had Martin Luther King Blvd closed and thus removed all access to parking. With a baby asleep in the back of the car and a high barrier placed before us we retreated to a high location north of the city to try to catch a glimpse of the highest fireworks and call it a night. He are some shots looking south, the green lights below are from the lights at Rt 202 and Augustine Cutoff.

Facing to the right (looking north) of where we finally saw the Wilmington fire works were someone else's that were shot off around 9:30, before Wilmington's at 9:45. Still don;t quite know who these belong to, but I had a better view of them. My guess is Wilmington Country Club, any Delawareans want to confirm or deny this?

This one looks like a red blood cell.

Happy Independence Day!

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