Saturday, July 18, 2009


I guess I have unrealistic expectations when it comes to ferns growing in wet shady areas like my backyard next to the creek. I wanted to have an explosion of various types by now but still have a only a few still adapting to the conditions. The key may be to realize that it is dryer in the back than I expected and so the ferns need some help in the high heat of the summer.

Here is the best fern, an ostrich fern, that actually seems to be spreading from its spot between the rocks near the creek.

We have also planted three Japanese painted ferns (Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum') that I wish would grow larger and faster. To their credit they came back after being trampled when one of the fallen trees was removed from the creek.

This cinnamon fern was dead last year in the summer, but has apparently come back to life. I hope it continues to grow. I expected it after its return to have more of the fuzzy brown texture on the young fronds, but it looks typically fernlike right now.

This autumn fern never thrives, but never completely gives up after a two years of being in this spot It is a single now that the companion that we planted with it did finally succumb.

I have not yet given up on my fern garden, it appears more patience is on order.

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