Sunday, June 21, 2009

Highest Shellpot Creek levels in 2009 - video

As promised here is video of Shellpot Creek just after the torrential downpours Saturday. The creek was easily the highest it has been in 2009. The USGS agrees, as seen on the following graph. The red circle shows Saturday's peak. It is almost double the peak from May 16th (Note the log scale, click for larger.)

The first video is of the creek just downstream and up to the waterfall at the corner of my house. You can barely see the waterfall because the water is almost level going over it.

The second video is upstream of the waterfall, and also shows how the temporary streams formed by some drainage swales I have in the yard won't drain into a creek that is higher than they are. Gravity still works here.

It was very dramatic and very loud.

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