Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guerilla Drive In on Saturday Night in West Chester

As I posted last night we got the chance to see "Back to the Future" at the Guerilla Drive in in West Chester. The Guerilla Drive in isn't a place, it is a guy with a movie projector in the side car of his motorcycle and he arranges secret locations to show movies on 16mm. To get on the list you have to find the MacGuffin, which we did when it was at the hot dog place last year (it has since moved, follow the clues), but haven't gone to one of these movie occasions until now while we sorted out vacations before the baby and the baby after the baby.

The motorcycle, side car, projector and banner.

As part of the "Back to the Future" them he arranged for the DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club to bring their prized DeLerean's to the show on top of the Biecentennial Garage in West Chester. Having never even seen a DeLorean in person, this was probably the most DeLoreans I will ever see together in one place in my lifetime, there were six, including one tricked out like the famous time travelling DeLorean of "Back to the Future".

Two Deloreans

Four more Deloreans

"Back to the Future" DeLorean drive side.

"Back to the Future" DeLorean passenger side with Flux capacitor.

There was a costume contest, the guy who won is the one on the yellow tyvek above with a very authentic box to carry his plutonium in. There was a girl with an exact copy of the dress that Loraine wore in the movie to the Enchanted under the sea ball, there was a George McFly, and several Doc Browns. One four week old baby had a "Save the Clock Tower" onesie on, who did not win the contest because us spectator judges are heartless , I guess.

The organizer, John Young, picked this garage so that we could see the clock tower in the middle of West Chester while we watched the movie.

Here is my view, with clock tower on the screen and in the background. The West Chester clock tower was NOT hit by lightning at 10:04 PM. He also figured out a way to dim the garage lights around the screen on the top level by using LED lights stuck on the light sensors of the tower lights, clever.

We had a blast and met some nice people, and got our Guerilla Drive In merit badge. We can't wait to do something like this again. How cool and nice is it that guys like John Young do this kind of thing.

More on the Back to the Future West Chester Guerilla Drive In event at John Young's blog.


John Young said...

Thanks for posting these pictures, Richard! I didn't really take any once the event was under way, and it's nice to see the cars.

Yeah, that poor four-week-old was ROBBED. Well, it might be for the best, I don't think that tiny baby could have lifted the prize :)

Chainsaw said...

Very, very cool.

I've wanted to the same for intimate groups that are into Tarantino flix.

The Dad said...

That's too cool. Funny you mention having never seen a Delorean in person. There's actually one parked in the side yard of a house around the corner from us. It's barely visible, but it's there, and it sure ain't rusting.

On another note, we decided recently that BTTF would be a fun movie to watch with the kids (ages 5 and 8). The loved it, but we were absolutely SHOCKED to realize how much profanity was in that movie! We haven't really exposed the kids to that much profanity, at least without getting a finger stuck in the car door or something, so it was a bit of adventure and, I guess, somewhat of an initiation for them. movie...Scarface?

Richard said...

I suppose after seeing them, now I will see Deloreans everywhere.

Mike, If you are really looking for profanity, I always thought Goodfellas was a good one for that, plus the added benefit of violence for the kiddies. I can't watch that movie without slipping into the accent and having my language make a merchant marine blush.

Linus is only 5 months but we have been realizing that with cable, many of the movies we watch that he is in the room for but not really watching (he's an infant), have profanity that we wouldn't want him to say. Yet another responsibility of parenthood, D**m*t.

The Dad said...

Yeah, we've been part of that party for a while now. When it comes to music (think Steve Miller's "Funky Shit comin' down in the city), I've found a well-timed "ACHEMM!!!" works wonders to distract them.