Thursday, May 14, 2009

German Tuba Urinals

This blasphemy is being committed in a pub in Germany.

From the owner, "Most people see the funny side but we've had a few complaints from musicians."

The article calls these tenor horns, I might call them euphoniums. That doesn't make the scandal any less. Perhaps a pairing of these German Tuba Urinals with the Japanese War Tubas is in order.



twincapes said...

You have to admit that with that shape, at least there's no splash! :)

The Virtual Ranger said...

Noooo! I just... couldn't.

Richard said...

Twincapes, I did think of the no splash angle, but based on the Virtual Ranger's horror (he is also a Tuba player like myself) the emotional cost is just too much.

John Szkutko said...

Mirror-image that picture, and you'll see that guy pissing into Wagner Tubas :0)