Monday, May 18, 2009

Explosion at Refinery in Claymont felt for miles

It turns out that last night we felt and heard the explosion that occurred at Sunoco's refinery at the PA/DE border just to the northeast of us. I was reading in bed and heard a loud THUMP and thought a branch or something fell on the roof, Lynn thought that the house shook. I got up to look around and see if anything had fallen. I looked out and there was no wind to shake the brnaches and drop the phantom limbs. Now we know what it was.

We are about 5 miles southwest of the refinery as the crow flies. I wonder how they would have gotten all of us sleeping Delawareans out of bed if the ethylene oxide cloud came our way? The ermergency broadcast system tests only seem to occur in the middle of my favorite shows. Even more fun on both Comcast and FIOS they stop the DVR from playing. I suppose it is for our safety.

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