Thursday, May 07, 2009

The bigger container is better right?

These two containers are different sizes and one is bigger than the other. However the taller one (ooh, it looks bigger) actually contains 59oz instead of 64oz in the shorter "smaller" container. Besides not fitting in my refrigerator it is a great way to pay more for less.

Prices from the Acme website show $4.99 for the tall 59oz and $4.49 for the short 64oz regardless of the type. You do get less sugar with the tall Trop50 but I would think to pay less. This looks like a brilliant Tropicana move rather than an Acme move.

If you have an Acme Supersaver card you can get them both down to $3. So 5.1 cents/oz for the Trop50 59oz and only 4.6 cents/oz for the 64oz container. You make the call.

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