Monday, April 13, 2009

Elemental license plate - YLOMNM

I think this person is trying to evoke the element aluminum with this Delaware license, YLOMNM. I had a very dark picture that I had to balance to bring back the license to visibility. As long as it is captured in the bits, clever manipulation can bring it out.

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Paul Smith Jr. said...

I read it as "Yellow M&M"

Richard said...

That is why I post this stuff here so that we can get the million eyes of the internet on here to prise open all of the secrets out there.

Both versions make enough sense that I cannot decide between the two. If it was really aluminum it might have a U instead of an O, but why yellow M&M's on a license plate? Why aluminum spelled so strangely? Why enough plates with aluminum references that it has to be spelled so strangely? I suppose that support the yellow M&M idea.

twincapes said...

Wow thats pretty good, I was looking at it and couldn't figure it out. I wonder if it was on a Yellow VW?