Monday, February 16, 2009

Asymptotically approaching the infinite Oreo Double Stuf

I thought that I was a little crazy when I started taking chocolate Oreo Double Stufs and combined them to make extra filling versions. I constrained myself to making stacks that were still edible (four double stuf fillings between the cookies ends).

I have been outshone by this 36 double stuf (72 regular) cookie tower of Oreo filling capped with some cookies. I did not make it. I hope they ate it after they were done and did not waste the filling. Perhaps the extra cookies could have been crushed for a pie crust.

This cookie represents as close as is reasonable to get to the infinite filling Oreo cookie since I doubt someone would get more than one package of Oreos to build an even bigger tower. (No, that wasn't a challenge.)

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