Saturday, January 31, 2009

Superbowl Pool Playoff sheets

You may have heard of those playoff pools where you can try to guess the outcome of a number of events during the game like who will win the coin toss (random) or what player will be named the MVP (usually the quarterback). Last year, I gathered the data from 41 Superbowls and generated some graphs and statistics to help me fill mine out. That data analysis is available here.

For some extra help relevant to this year's contest between Pittsburgh and Arizona, I found that the odds makers have Pittsburgh winning by a touchdown and the over/under is 46.5 points. I am a Steelers fan so I like those odds! I also like the AccuScore forecasts in which they simulate the game 10000 times to generate model results of all kinds of things. It appeals to my mathematical mindset. They have Pittsburgh winning in 68% of their simulations.

Go Steelers!

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