Saturday, January 31, 2009

Name the Justice League


I started this quiz before I realized they were asking for the original Justice League from the comics in 1960. Thus my recollections of the Justice League from the Super Friends in the early 80's with the Wonder Twins was not helpful. A hint: Zan, Jayna & their monkey Gleek were NOT in the original Justice League from 1960. (Feel free to make that sound that Gleek made as you read this, my twin and I still do that.)

I got all seven in one minute and 39 seconds. I am sure there are some older comics buffs out there that could do better. How about you?


Howard said...

Too easy. 23 seconds.

I think I'd have a harder time with Challenge of the Super-Friends (the one with the Legion of Doom). Though Harvey Birdman help refresh my memory of Apache Chief and his ability to grow.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up..."Wonder Twins Power...form of an elephant, form of a water fall"...Gleek says "Abb-i-ti-ca!, Abb-i-ti-ca!"