Monday, January 19, 2009

January Snow on Shellpot Creek

When the creek is frozen the snow stays on the creek and on the rocks.

Except in some spots. I wonder what the hot spot under the bank at this spot is.

The tree is still in the creek.

The birds love the proximity of this tree to the seed thrown on the ground by other birds at the bird feeder. Like a brush pile, it gives them a close hiding place. I still would like it if the tree were gone. It's not my tree, it started on the other side of the creek and fell down.


Marc said...

Hello, I live in Colonial Woods which runs into McDaniel Crest/Woods and Shellpot Rd. runs through the neighborhood. I always wondered if the little creek that runs parallel to Shellpot Rd. was the beginning of Shellpot Creek, would this be so? Also, I grew up in Dartmouth Woods off Naamans Rd. and always wondered if the creek that runs through Dartmouth Woods was indeed Naamans Creek, would you happen to know?

Richard said...

I used to live in McDaniel Crest and the creek that is parallel to Shellpot Road is Shellpot Creek, or at least a branch of it.

The creek that runs through Dartmouth Woods does appear to be Naamans Creek. You can look up more about it on Wikipedia or try to follow it down to the Delaware River on Google Maps using the satellite view.

Marc said...

Thanks for the info!