Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adding a second to the year

I appreciated Howard's take on the leap second to be added this year on December 31st. he cries that it is one extra second more until President-elect Obama can take office. Rachel Maddow echoes his sentiment when she points out that the official atomic clocks are at the Naval Observatory, which happens to be Vice President Cheney's home. She fears that he may add seconds just to prolong his reign.

Other reasons for disappointment around the leap second might be:

One observer complained, first they added a whole day to the year and now they are squeezing in seconds? Will this year never end.

Corporations will attempt to wring one second more earnings from an already tough year and beleaguered workforce.

I have to wait one more second until the Mummer's Parade.

One more second for the market to drop!

I am sure that it will be fine.

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