Monday, November 24, 2008

Previously on a foamy Shellpot Creek

I took some pictures and a movie of a very foamy Shellpot creek on November 13th. It was the first real rain in a long while and it was flushing the Fall leaves that had accumulated down the creek. This must have added a lot of organic matter to the creek, because that day it was very foamy as the creek level rose at our tiny waterfall and the turbulence increased at our tiny waterfall.

The foam looked like a gelatinous monster trying to climb out of the creek.

The 13th's rain is the first peak on the graph below. The next peaks represent the subsequent rains that washed the foam away and the creek to a clearer level as the rest of the leaves flushed through.
Today's creek is clear and placid and has not frozen in spite of the late cold snap.

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