Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally got my Obama/Biden magnet

Two months ago I contributed to the Obama campaign and was supposed to receive this car magnet for my troubles.

I never contributed to a political campaign before but this year I felt compelled. The magnet was to be my proud bonus. It only arrived yesterday.

At least that is in time for election day. It is kind of like getting your Christmas presents delivered on Christmas Eve just in time to wrap them up and give them the next day. I suppose I do want the campaign to be working on more important things than the delivery of my magnet, but think of the lost days of me flying the flag that they missed.

In the final irony, my car has no metal on the back to stick this thing to. The bumper is plastic, the area around the license is plastic, and the hatchback is plastic. I put it on the rear quarterpanel, which thankfully is metal.

My experience didn't change my vote. You should vote today as well if you haven't done so yet. Tell your friends.

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