Monday, September 29, 2008

What is this preserver preserving

Not sure what this PRSEVER virgina license plate driver is preserving. Certainly not the planet with the huge unsustainable Chevy Tahoe that they are driving. I suppose they can afford the gas to drive that thing from Virginia to Lancaster, PA where I spotted it.

Maybe they preserve art. I am sure there is a suitable explanation for their choice of personal license plate that is lost on me.


twincapes said...

Persevere, not preserver.

Richard said...

Good point twincapes. I suppose that my spelling and interpretation of personalized license plates still needs work after all these years.

My comments about gas mileage remain the same however. This person is persevering through the high price of gas by having a gas guzzler.

twincapes said...

Agree wit dat! Virginia has the most personalized license plates in the country so I'm used to interpreting them. Keep up the good work.