Saturday, September 06, 2008

The perfect Oreo is all filling

The perfect Oreo would be all filling and no cookies, but how would you hold it. The next best option would be a lot of filling with just cookies to hold it. Nabisco is moving in the right direction with the Double Stuf version. In some experimentation today I have been attempting to build increase the ratio of filling to cookie by cookie removal and filling half reattachment. If we count a regular Oreo as two cookies and one filling, filling ratio 1/2, then a Double Stuf is two cookies and two filling , ratio one. We can build from that. The following chart plots the experiment so far.

The results are below. On the left is four Chocolate Double Stuff Oreo cookies stuck together, on the right is a regular Chocolate Double Stuff Oreo for comparison.

Eating this cookie was unwieldy, I imagine ratios above this will result in a cookie that smooshes out all the filling when one attempts to bite it. I wasn't hungry anymore so I stopped the experiment to avoid filling and cookie waste. The experimentation will continue at a later date.

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Kathryn said...

I agree - the more filling, the better! :) Too bad we have to create these double Double Stuf Oreos ourselves! Nabisco should just make and package them this way. It would take the hassle out of truly enjoying Oreos!