Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Oreo packaging is the best!

The new Oreo cookie package comes with new resealable technology that really is convenient and really works.

Don't just rip open the package at the end like you used to do. Pull on the tab like it directs. We will also see that you won't have to try to cram the whole package into a ziploc bag to keep the cookies fresh.

The SEALED indicator is intact until you open the package.

Pealing back the top of the package allows you to access three rows of Oreos and even sticks to itself to remain pealed back if needed. The white section provides the surface to restick the top of the package to when you seal it back closed to retain freshness.

The SEALED indicator is slit once the package has been opened to warn of tampering.

Once resealed, the Oreos will remain fresh for a long time, much longer than my willpower to not eat them all.


Richard said...

Apparently Kraft introduced the resealable package for Chips Ahoy! in 2005.

The packaging also won an award in 2006 for innovation in packaging at the 19th annual DuPont Awards Competition. There is some description of the packaging in the article:

The Snack ’n Seal package allows consumers to open and reseal the cookie pack from its top panel, rather than from the end of the pack, which is more traditional. The film consists of .7-mil metallized oriented polypropylene that gets extrusion-laminated to an extrusion lamination of 48-ga polyester and 14# white opaque low-density polyethylene. Graphics are delivered via eight-color reverse-gravure printing on the 48-ga polyester.

Kraft refers to the resealable top as a label. It consists of a 2-mil OPP facestock with a Food and Drug Administration-approved adhesive for direct food contact. According to Kraft, “labels are created by rotary die-cut, partially deadened (to create a tab) and then printed with two colors to indicate ‘lift here.’ The labels are then applied to the printed rollstock, and precision die-cut from underneath.”

Marsie said...

Double stuf chocolate creme. Fancy!