Monday, September 22, 2008

Evidence of MI6 activity in Delaware

I spotted James Bond's car on the street in Delaware the other day. He brazingly put his double-O number on his license plate. Is the British Intelligence Service allowed to operate on US soil?

When you think about it, James Bond isn't a very good spy (Charles Stross has pointed this out), since he goes around announcing himself (Bond, James Bond) all the time, Just like with this license plate.


Paul Smith Jr. said...

Oh, that's just cool.

The Virtual Ranger said...

Actually, James Bond is not authorised to work on British soil - he's an overseas agent. So for example in 'Moonraker' (the original novel, set almost entirely in England) Bond has to be seconded to the police to allow him to do the job.

Like most things in Bond this convention is rather loosely interpreted throughout - especially in the films!