Saturday, August 16, 2008

Zinnias and Sunflowers finally blooming

I planted Zinnias and Sunflowers from seed this year in some spots in the bes where we haven't decided what the long term plan would be. About one in ten seeds survived the hot days without rain and have done well enough to bloom.

Here the zinnias have finally reached their full puffy bloom stage.

I planted two types of sunflowers, one to grow to 6 ft that has reddish and orangey petals ...

... and one that is supposed to grow to 8 ft and have huge flowers, but hasn't bloomed quite yet.

Neither is really the height I was aiming for, but even 5 ft sunflowers are fun. The birds, especially elusive goldfinches, love the seeds, but I will get to pull little sunflower weeds all next year.

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