Monday, August 18, 2008

Groundhog munching on weeds by the Shellpot Creek

This big varmint (groundhog, woodchuck or my favorite, whistlepig) was helpfully eating some leafy weeds in the backyard today only feet away from the Shellpot creek. That would be great except that I think that it is also eating the leaves of the pumpkin and melon plants and might be eating the tomatoes and parsley every so often as well. There are plenty of ready made holes for them to leave in near the creek since the rocks on the creek edge are sometimes undercut which forms a nice burrow.

Two pictures of his sleek coat.

The pictures were taken from the second floor window with my camera all the way zoomed out and then cropped.

Groundhogs are marmots and are in the squirrel family. They are probably most famous for their Day.

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Anonymous said...

If you cook em up they taste real good with grits