Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arbitrary Roman Empire based length milestone 3000

Yesterday I reached 3000 miles in the Prius. I still enjoy it and I am still getting around 45mpg. The tank is only 10 gallons or so but it is still a kicker when you put $40 of gas in at one shot. At least I don't do it as often.

Does anyone out there know if I get even more benefit than just high gas mileage due to the fact that the gas engine on the prius shuts down while I am stopped in traffic or at stop lights?


Mike Mahaffie said...

Having the gas engine shut down whenever possible means you are not adding to the air quality problem and that is a very good thing.

Richard said...

Thanks for the info Mike. Even though you have abandoned us with your fancy new Scion.

Anonymous said...
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