Friday, June 27, 2008

Prius base 10 numbering system arbitrary milestone 2222

Yesterday's odometer was an embarressing riches of 2's One of my favorite numbers, as 22, and a number not as lonely as one. I missed 2000 on the way to the airport and I'd rather not take and post a picture demonstrating my inattentive driving.

I am somewhere between 45 and 50 mpg but there have been so few fillups that I don't always recall the last number. I guess that is good in and of itself. So far I am very satisfied with my car. I even used the useless on-board navigation system once or twice. My favorite features are hands free voice activated dialing through bluetooth to my phone and the simple pleasure of plugging in my iPod through the AUX port to the stereo.

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Ashly said...

A prius?!! Oh my, wait until I tell Greg! We do need to catch up. And I could use some bird ID in my backyard, since you seem to have a new hobby!