Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today, May 4 is International Respect for Chickens Day

I have replaced the regular Crazy Blue Hen roundup with a salute to chickens of all types the world over. Today is International respect for Chickens Day so here are a few suggestions for how to show your support. The press push started on May 1st with this Yahoo news picture.

This day is not a day when you should cook a chicken in your favorite recipe, the United Poultry Concerns organization seems to indicate that eating and raising chickens is actually bad and that the conditions they are raised in are uniformly bad. In 2005 they asked us to show the world that "chickens are people too". Given their lack of opposable thumbs, culture and any legislation to that effect, I will respectfully disagree, with the one exception of YouDee, the University of Delaware mascot.

For my contribution to chicken culture, I would like to collect money to get all of these chickens sunglasses. The National Band and Tag company started in 1902 with one of their most unusual products, chicken sunglasses. These rose colored glasses (we all need a set), prevented the chickens from seeing blood so they wouldn't peck each other to death, but lifted when the bent over to peck at their food. I am sure that once one chicken got one they all wanted them because they are rather stylish.

My love of chickens is well known, especially if they are cooked in an award winning recipe.

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