Saturday, May 03, 2008

Recycling polystyrene

Recycling styrofoam with my new Prius. Could that be any more annoying?

For me the choice is recycle the styrofoam packing material or see it later floating down the creek or piling up on the shore. Is suppose the reason is more aesthetic than environmentally conscious.


MGM said...

Richard, I read your Polystyrene recycling posts. I live in Massachusetts, and I can't seem to find any organization that does this. I posted an article about recycling polystyrene last week on my website (second posting down).

Richard said...

mgm - The FP international site (which you can find in the link in this post)says there is a location in Massachusetts


4 St. Mark Street
Auburn, MA 01501-3237
Phone: (508) 832-5369 / 800-283-0230
Fax: (508) 832-8369

If they are close enough to you, I suggest you call them and see if they will take the your polystyrene. It is worth a try. Good luck.