Saturday, April 05, 2008

From the Life imitates the Simpsons file

This guy got caught trying to steal cooking grease from a Burger King in California. With all of the hype around biodeisel these days I can understand the draw. The full truck was estimated to be worth more than $6000.

Simpsons fans will remember the "Lard of the Dance" episode of the Simpsons from way back in 2002, in which Homer enlists Bart in his grease stealing enterprise and they make some nice money until the mob shuts them down. The episode ends in an explosion of grease at the school dance. Another instance of life imitating Simpsons.

A great quote: "Used grease is worth money? *gasp* Then my arteries are clogged with yellow gold! I'm rich Apu! Rich, I... arrrgh! *clenches heart, sighs* Money in the bank!"--Homer Simpson, Lard of the Dance

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Bex said...

Following is what I think is the best dialogue exchange of this episode...(of course, I knew it by heart...sad for me, I need a life)

[in the gymnasium, children start playing in the grease[
Milhouse: It's like a hamburger milkshake!
Nelson: Here comes a greaseball!
Luigi: [walking in] Hey! Luigi bring-a you kids-a free
pizza! Why do you hafta make-a the fun, huh?