Saturday, February 23, 2008

Does Beaker make me look too hipster

Scored this Beaker t-shirt at the very amusing Muppets in 3D ride/show at Disney Hollywood Studioes (formerly Disney/MGM) in Orlando. Readers who know me will think that I should have gotten a Professor Bunsen Honeydew t-shirt instead, but alas there was no Bunsen Honeydew merchandise of any sort available. I was a graduate student along the way to the doctorate and graduate students are lab assistants of a sort just like Beaker, so I feel that I know his pain and can justify wearing the shirt.

Muppets 3D was really a blast from the past. I remember my whole family watching the Muppet Show when I was a kid and everyone, adults and kids, loving it. We really liked the kvetching old guys in the balcony and the part where everybody danced and told jokes. I should go see if I can get them on DVD.


Bex said...

Hey Bro,

I know you wanted the Professor-shirt but "Beaker" fits you much, much, better (LMAO)! You know I'm right...just ask any of our sibs.
Thanks for bringing up a fun memory for me..."The Muppets" were one of my favorite memories from our childhood. Adults drinking coffee at the kitchen table and us in front of the boob-tube! Love ya.

Bex said...

P.S. I forgot to answer your question...Yes, Beaker makes you look like a hipster. I had a gut feeling you would come back at me with the fact that I didn't answer your original question. See ya!

Anonymous said...
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Richard Koehler said...

I wonder if the various anonymous know that I control the comments here? I guess they will figure it out.