Monday, October 15, 2007

The Reason to Fly to Key West: Stone Crab Claw Season Oct 15

We are on vacation to be on vacation but ostensibly our reason for landing in Key West around October 15th is that Stone Crab season started today. Three years ago I got to watch the Boston Red Sox win four games in a row to come back against the hated Yankees all while I chowed down on Stone Crab claw after claw. I highly recommend it. (also, friends got married and we got engaged as well.)

This season's crab claws do not disappoint. I eat my crab claws at the Half Shell Raw Bar, which has been around forever. One of us remembers coming here when she was a girl twenty years ago. I always think of it as the Eat it Raw bar because of a t-shirt that I have. That's its unofficial name.

This year the Red Sox are playing again. Go Sox!

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