Thursday, August 16, 2007

My backyard - the raccoon highway

Almost every night just after the sun goes down, one or a family of raccoons walks on by to go from their homes down the creek to the house of one of my neighbors who feeds them up the creek. My backyard is in between and they must walk just past the corner of the sunroom where we usually hang out about that time.

Two nights ago we saw what I must assume was mom and her young, two raccoon kits, but I was too shocked and unprepared to take a picture. Last night I was prepared with a snack of bread right at the corner to get them to stay awhile and with a plan to turn on the lights to get the right lighting for my unsuitable Kodak camera. I will not share with you the many blank or flash filled shots of practice, just this one shot which is recognizably a raccoon. In spite of all of our movement in the sunroom, it didn't run away until it came back to get its piece of bread.

I would have preferred to get a shot of mom and the kits as they scampered over the rocks and climbed trees, but that shot will probably never happen until I get a night vision camera and build a raccoon blind to hide in. I am not that serious about wildlife photography, yet.

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