Friday, June 29, 2007

An Explosive Crazy Delaware Blue Hen Bathing Beauty Roundup

Governor in a bathing suit

Apparently Delaware has no better equipment to determine water quality than to take Governor Minner, put her in a bathing suit and ask her if she can see her sneakers as she wades out into the Rehoboth Bay. The critical measurement is the depth at which the cloudy water obscures the sneakers.

I have provided a chart of the measurement for the past seven years. This year it was 32 inches vs. last year's 54 inches. While I admire her hands-on approach, perhaps there is a more scientific approach to the issue. I can't help but say this - this is bad science and mediocre political theatre. You can't just look at one spot in the bay, it could be affected by the weather, are they the same sneakers, is it the same person looking. I hope these objections go without saying. One thing I can say, Governor Minner has the self-confidence to go splashing around the bays in a bathing suit if that is what it takes to do the job! (via Down with Absolutes)

Clamshell driveways are less clam shell and more artillery shell!

Over the past several years various pieces of ordnance and even a mustard gas shell have been found in clamshell driveways on the Delmarva Peninsula dredged up as part of clamshells used as cheap driveway fill. The mustard shell was found in Delaware -
"EDS mission to Dover Air Force Base a success
In the fall of 2004, the U.S. Army Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Project (NSCMP) successfully treated a World War I-era 75 mm projectile at Dover Air Force Base, Del. Recovered July 19 by the Delaware State Police from a clamshell driveway in Bridgeville, Del., the munition containing mustard agent was transported to Dover Air Force Base. NSCMP treated the munition with the Explosive Destruction System, a mobile system specially designed to safely treat recovered chemical warfare materiel."
Apparently tons of World War II and even World War I munitions were dumped off the eastern seaboard for years and now is turning up in clamshell driveways dredged up from the ocean floor. I imagine heavier vehicles are at risk, so a good side effect would be to get rid of all of those gas guzzling SUV's when the stuff goes up when the old ordnance is detonated by a tire rolling over it. The Daily Press has gathered all of their coverage over the years into "The Deadliness Below". The story of the mustard gas injuries caused by the Delaware shell is in this .pdf presentation. (via Slacktivist)

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