Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bugs Bunny under my lawn?

Can a garden or pest expert tell me what has just dug a furrow in my lawn? There was nothing there on Thursday when I mowed the lawn and today I noticed these sinuous bare lines dug in the lawn. The grass is completely gone not just dead in a two inch swath that stretches several feet from one flower bed to another. No animals were obviously in the area. I checked under the ground cover in the beds with a stick. I added my size 10 foot in there to provide a metric.

The complete removal of the grass has me wondering if I have a nanotechnology runaway (see grey goo) going on in my lawn, giant acid spitting slugs, or some other science fictiony answer. I have never seen anything like this and neither has my wife with the agriculture degree. Please help out a fellow gardener by commenting or pointing me to somewhere that can help. My Google searches have been fruitless.

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